eaten by... (from Daniel Spoerri's eaten by...)

perfect lovers (from Felix Gonzalez Torres's perfect lovers)

killing children III (from Carsten Holler's killing children III)

nailed biscuit (from David Shrigley's nailed biscuit)

something electric (from Kristof kintera's something electric)

a very white sandwich (from Cildo Meirele's a very white sandwich)

Han Dynasty Urn with coca cola logo (from Ai Wei Wei's Han Dynasty Urn with coca cola logo )

casserole and closed mussels (from Marcel Broodthaers's casserole and closed mussels)

la recurrencia de lo sublime (from Gabriel Kuri's la recurrencia de lo sublime)

beer can penis (from Sarah Lucas's beer can penis)

cacke (from Sarah Lucas's cacke)

ma governant-my nurse-mein kindermadchen (from Meret Oppenheim's ma governant-my nurse-mein kindermadchen)

waiting lettuce (from Gabriel kuri's waiting lettuce)

still life (from David Shrigley's still life)

the coca cola project (from Cildo Meireles's the coca cola project)

Semiotics of the kitchen (from Martha rosler's semiotics of the kitchen)

le déjeuner en fortune (from Meret Oppenheim's le déjeuner en fortune)

no way II (from Mona Hautom's no way II )

strange fruit (from Zoe Leonard's strange fruit)

black forest gateaux (from David Shrigley's black forest gateaux)

smart-export, selbstportrat (from Valie Export's smart-export, selbstportrat)

lettuce leafs with cigarette burns (from David Shrigley's lettuce leafs with cigarette burns)

work in progress (from Gabriel Kuri's work in progress)

morgue chocolate (from Stephen J. Shanabrook's morgue chocolate)

insomnia (from Jeff Wall's insomnia)

couverture (from Sonya Delaunay's couverture)

nature mort au crane (from paul Cézanne's nature mort au crane)

duas linhas (from Pedro Cabrita Reis's duas linhas)

smart-export, selbstportrat ( from Valie Export's smart-export, selbstportrat)

Michael Jackson (from David Shrigley's Michael Jackson)

country cousin (from Mike kelley's country cousin)

Master dik (from Mike kelley's master dik)

port-boteilles (from Marcel Duchamp's port-boteilles)

Mr Glove (from David Shrigley's Mr glove)

St. Frigo (from Jimmie Durham's St. Frigo)

white cabinet and white table (from Marcel Broodthaer's white cabinet and white table)

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